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Psychological research on gender, research methods, sex & sexuality

Research & Projects

The projects listed below are some of the on-going studies in the ProgressLab. Included under each study are the main questions that animate the research.

Dating & Relationships Study
How do heterosexual and LGBT men and women define sexual satisfaction? Do limited political rights impact what people believe they deserve in their sexual lives? How do individuals’ sense of fairness and equity affect their sexual relationships? How do people develop a sense of what is “good enough” in their intimate relationships?

Sexual Satisfaction & Relationships Study
(in collaboration with David Frost, PhD)

What are the dimensions of sexual satisfaction? Do these definitions differ for men and women, heterosexual- and LGBT-identified individuals, and those in and out of long-term relationships?

Sexual Pathways Project
How do sex education sources shape what women know about and imagine for their sexual lives? How does this knowledge (or lack thereof) affect sexual outcomes for women across the sexual identity spectrum?

Intimacy & Sexual Quality of Life Study
(in collaboration with Jennifer Griggs, MD; IRWG; Comprehensive Cancer Center)

How do women who have been diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer describe their sexual quality of life? What kinds of patient support and information are described as useful, necessary, or missing? What do existing research methods used to measure sexual health overlook in this population?

Measures of Sexual Quality of Life for Female Cancer Survivors
(in collaboration with Tracey Revenson, PhD; NIH/National Cancer Institute)

How is female sexual health defined and measured in research studies of women with breast cancer? What can we learn from a systematic analysis of the content of items written to assess sexual quality of life? Are there aspects of sexual health that remain under-studied?

Queer Youth Project
(in collaboration with José Bauermeister, MPH, PhD)
What is the phenomenon of sexual attraction and is it being adequately assessed in public health research? How do young people experience and describe same-sex attraction? What role does same-sex attraction play in increased rates of alcohol and drug use rates amongst this population?

Adolescent Sexual Development Project
(in collaboration with Michelle Fine, PhD)
What is the role of public policy, including abstinence-only-until-marriage sex education, in shaping young people’s sexual development? How do aspects of economic, political, and social desire impact adolescents’ development of sexual desire?

Discourses of Hating
(in collaboration with Susan Opotow, PhD)
Looking at both historical and contemporary examples of hate, what can be learned about the psychological structures of hating? What does hating look like from the perspective of the hater?

Modern Sexism in Academic Settings
What psychological processes are involved when leaders confront gender diversity in the workplace? Using a variety of research methods, what more can be understood about the phenomenon of modern sexism?